Do printers have a reset button?

There is no “reset button. If your printer is displaying any kind of error on the screen or it is not working properly, you should perform a hard reset on your printer. Using this, you will be less likely to make common user errors, and your problems will be solved in the vast majority of cases. We will provide instructions on how to do a hard reset in just a few simple steps. But You can reset the canon printer. Resetting your printer is simple. You only need to follow these instructions.

For step one, turn the printer off

Press and hold the STOP button for three seconds.

The last step is to press the ON button and release the STOP button.

The "STOP" button must be pressed five times while holding the "ON" button.

The next thing you must do is to release all of the buttons.

Once the LCD screen has turned on, it should be blank. Now, once more, the printer should be turned off for another minute.

Now the printer has been reset.

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