How do I connect my Canon MG2522 printer to a WIFI?

Canon MG2522 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer. It can scan and copy your documents. This printer device is supported on both operating systems like Windows and Mac. In the Canon mg2522 printer, there is no screen. Some buttons can help you to connect the printer to the wi-fi network.

How to connect this with wi-fi?

At first, turn your canon MG2522 printer on by pressing the power button. Kindly install all the latest canon MG2522 printer drivers on your computer or your system. After installing all the drivers, switch on the WIFI on the printer by pressing the printer’s WIFI button. Once you press the WIFI button on the printer, the wireless light will start blinking. 

This indicates that the WIFI of the printer was switched on and ready to connect. Then the printer WIFI will start searching for the nearby network to connect. Once the printer wi-fi gets the network, then we need to select the desired WIFI network for your canon MG2522 printer. Once we select the desired network as per our convenience, then we need to provide or enter the router’s password, which we set it before for the router. Or WIFI. Once we enter the existing password of the router or WIFI, then the printer will take few minutes, and it will connect automatically to the router of WIFI. 

Now the Canon MG2522 printer is connected, and do a test print for the confirmation. Once you adequately get the test print, you are now good to go with future printing. This is the one-time setup for this canon MG2522 printer. In the future, if you want to change the WIFI or router connection. You need to follow a similar step to set it up again for your future printing use.

Setup Process

· Interface PC or tablet to the printer with a USB link. 

· At the point when the association is finished, the printer driver will be naturally identified. 

· When the printer driver is recognized, “Standard Inkjet Print Utility,” programming for making a point-by-point print setting, is downloaded consequently.

· Register printer with Canon Inkjet Print Utility. 

· Start Canon Inkjet Print Utility, and afterward select your printer in the Select Model screen.

These procedures, as mentioned earlier, can help you set up your canon MG2522 printer. Also, the steps mentioned above can help you with how to connect the printer with wi-fi. 

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