How do I connect my Canon TS6320 printer to my WIFI?

To be able to use the PIXMA TS series printer to print or scan wirelessly on a Windows pc, the printer should initially be connected to the Wireless Network and software system drivers and applications put in on the pc. The directions/screenshots below show the setup program steps once victimization the “Easy Wireless Connect” methodology to attach to the wireless network.

The setup method consists of two parts:

1 Starting straightforward Wireless Connect on the printer, and

2 Downloading and running the setup file to put in the drivers and software system.

Start straight forward Wireless Connect on the printer.
Prior to beginning setup on the pc, Smartphone or pill device, begin the straightforward wireless connect on the printer. Then complete the setup on the pc or device.
See the procedure below to begin the straightforward Wireless connection.

1 Press and hold the Wireless connect button till “Processing… ” appears. unharness the button

1 Run the setup file and click on begin Setup.

2 scan the network security notice and click on Next.

3 scan the license agreement. choose affirmatively to continue. If you click No, the installation won’t continue.

4 choose Agree or don’t comply with the data request.

5 This message seems if you chose “Do not agree”

6 choose affirmative to verify the association methodology.

7 ** counting on your network setup, the subsequent screens might seem. make certain to pick associate degree SSID (network) within the dropdown list running on the two.4Ghz frequency. If unsure, visit your router’s documentation. once choosing the SSID, enter the secret within the next screen.

8 association is completed, click Next.

9 Click Next.

10 If you want to transfer and install any further software system, click Continue on-line

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