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Steps For putting in Canon Printer while not CD on Windows & raincoat software
In this document we’ve represented the steps for Installation of Canon printer while not CD on Windows and raincoat software. we’ve explained the Canon printer installer method for each wired and wireless association.

Setup Canon Printer while not CD Wired association on Windows: victimisation Canon Printer Installer

Wired association while not cd on Windows

Below mentioned steps can totally guide you to determine a wired association while not cd on Windows with the assistance of ‘Canon printer installer’.

  • First of all, try to establish a correct association between your Canon printer and Windows pc victimisation the printer’s USB cable
  • Click on the “Devices and Printers” possibility from the beginning button. thenceforth from a recent screen that seems right-click on the printer icon and select” Properties”.
  • Here check your Canon printer’s name and model variety and minimize this screen once hit “Ok” possibility.
  • Now right-click on the “Computer” possibility from the beginning menu and choose “Manage” from the given choices.
  • currently from the left corner of the screen click on “Device Manager”. thenceforth click on “Other Devices” from the provided choices on the list.
  • Click on “Let Pine Tree State choose from the Canon drivers on my computer”.Thereafter click “Next” once choosing the “Printer” possibility.
  • Now on succeeding window choose your printer driver from the driver’s list and hit “Next”.
  • currently here keep following the onscreen directions and hit the “Next” possibility.
  • Now hit on the “Finish” possibility once you receive a message stating that you just have with success superimposed your printer.
  • Now once your pc with success restarts, attend “Devices and Printers” from the beginning “ menu and choose “Printer Properties”.
  • Click on “Print check page”
  • Now your printer setup is complete and is prepared to be used.

Wireless association while not CD on Windows – victimisation Canon printer installer
Here area unit the few stipulations for wireless Canon printer installation while not cd on Windows.

  • The access purpose should have a physical WPS electrical switch on the market.

The user’s network should be victimisation the WiFi protected access or WPA2 security protocol.

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