Terms and Policies

Printer Carry Up is the website for all types of technical supports required for the computer and related hardware and software. The company works on some of the basic terms and policies that are needed to be followed for the safety of interest of both, the company and the customer. The company has provided all-round support to the customers as and when needed but for the safety of consumer and company laws some of the basic terms and made and are amended from time to time. The user is needed to check and go through all the terms and the policies that the Printer Carry Up Company has published online. These are the set of terms and the privacy policies that are made by the legal advisors and support staff of the company so that any disputes between the customer and the company that come under these can be resolved very easily. This is to be noted by the customer itself before agreeing to them that all the rights in the amendment of the following are preserved with the Printer Carry Up Company and hence can be changed at any time as per the company’s requirement.

It is highly suggested to read the publicly published set of all the terms and the conditions for the interest and rights of the consumers too as and when can be needed for them. All of the terms are made after a lot of discussions and no changes under any case of the consumer shall be made to them. Thus it is in the safety interest of the customers too that they know what terms they are agreeing to as it is compulsory to agree to them for the use of the site. This is also to be known by the users that as they click on agree they agree to the binding with the terms and the policies and also to the changes that the company has to make as per their need time to time.

Terms and the conditions

The first set of reading for the customer as per their interest is the set of terms and conditions that are needed to be followed by the customer as they surf the site. They are made for better working and better reach of the site with the support system. The following given set of terms and conditions must be read by the user as they agree to them:

  1. Description of Service: This must be known to the customers that to help them in complete ability the company and their engineers need to know all about the type of services needed and thus use the software of remote computer control for the better connection with the computer and the software related to it. Once the customer agrees to the terms and conditions he/she agrees to the usage of remote computer control by the company’s support staff.


  1. Your Responsibility: The customer shall give all the related details about the type of service that they want and the type of product on which they want it. Cooperation between the staff and customers shall result in the best services.


  1. Service Limitation: There are some of the limitations in the services for the product and they are rendered when; the product is altered or damaged, not in accordance with the manufacturing, incompatible accessories, failure in following of company instructions, etc.


  1. Service plans and refund: The company has different plans and they are to be followed for the precise services. The billing is done according to the plan itself and the payment needs to be done before the commencement of the services. Refunds are made only when it is confirmed that the services rendered are not correct.


  1. Update in terms: The company takes all the rights in amending the terms and conditions as and when needed. Every next time the services are needed from the site, you are needed to agree to the terms.


  1. Denial: The company reserves the right to deny the support assist and also cancel the services when the terms and not followed.


  1. Fair Use policy: All the services of the company are made to the independent customers and shall be discontinued if the use is made in illegal forms.


  1. Software: Use of software by the company is always suggested for better results. The use of third party software amidst the service of the company shall lead to cancellation of services.


  1. Restrictions in use: This is to be made sure by the customer that the site is for discrete and personal use only. The knowledge about commercial use of the site shall lead to legal actions and permanent blocking of the user’s IP address.


Privacy Policy

The following given privacy policies are made in between the customer and the company as they are made in the name of proper support by the staff of the company:

  1. No Personal ID Collected: All the details that are collected by the company for use in their services. The details of the internet browser, domain type, surfing genre, etc. It might be used by the company for better targeting and also the advertising. Thus no personal information is collected by the company


  1. Confidentiality of the information: Printer Carry Up does not guarantee that the information provided to the company shall not be leaked as the services are made over the internet and it is not leakproof. Thus it is completely the responsibility of the customer that they agree to the policy and then share as needed information only.


  1. Use of Information: The information as provided by the customer shall be used by the company for extended services by other vendors also as needed and thus the customer shall agree to the use of their information and sharing of it in need too.


As the customer agrees to the following set of terms and policies it is made sure to them that they are given services after they are fully acquired with the knowledge of how and what services they are given. These terms and policies ensure the safe commencement of the services and thus shall help in better working between the company and the customer.