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Top Signs that Indicate a Problem in the Printer

Printers have become an essential part of every organization. With the laser or digital printers in your office, you can easily get the official documents such as agreements and contracts printed in minutes. Among all the printers available, Epson printers are the most preferred option among the people. 

While printers offer plenty of benefits, it can present several problems too. To resolve the printer issues effectively, you would require the Epson printer customer support service. Here are some of the potential signs that indicate an issue with the printer, and you require professional assistance.

  • Frequent Paper Jams

Paper jams are the most common printer issues that most people experience. While paper jams are common, frequent jams can indicate a potential malfunctioning of the transfer roller. The faulty rollers of the printer might not be able to feed the paper in the right position for printing, thereby resulting in a paper jam.

In some cases, this issue can be easily fixed. However, if the problem continues for a long, it is better to avail of the Epson support service and get the roller accurately repaired or replaced. This can help in saving you from frequent headaches and ensuring the optimum workflow of your business.

Faded Printing

When using a printer for professional deals, the quality of printing matters a lot in making a good impression among your clients and customers. Faded prints are another common problem of the Epson printers. Faded prints cannot be used for business deals as it sends a wrong message about your brand. So, fixing this issue at an early date is important.

Faded prints may be due to dirt on the roller. Cleaning the roller can help in resolving this problem. However, fading can even be caused due to any damage on the roller’s surface. The professionals can easily identify the exact problem and fix it correctly for better print quality.


Streaking or spotting on the printed documents is another sign that indicates that your printer requires a repair. One of the ideal solutions to fix this problem is to refill the cartridge of the printer with the new toner. However, if the problem still persists, it might be a problem with the toner or other parts of the printer.

Strange Sounds

Most printers print documents smoothly without any sound or noise. The squeaking or strange sounds from the printer might indicate an issue. The sounds may be due to a broken part or misalignment. Fixing the issues early is important to avoid making situations worse.

Looking out for these signs is important to maintain the printers in good condition. With the support and assistance of the professionals, you can ensure the increased durability of the printers.