How to setup HP Printer CA in USA San Diego

You’ve purchased an Associate in Nursing H.P. Inkjet printer and need to use it directly. you initially have to be compelled to install the printer and therefore the H.P. printer software system before you’ll be able to print your photos and documents. We’ll make a case for the way to do that in half a dozen straightforward steps.

The setup takes roughly half-hour. What does one need?

Step 1. Install the cartridges

It’s pretty simple to put in the cartridges, however, it ought to be finished with care. First, elevate the highest lid of the printer. With the HP Printer, it’s set beneath the scanner unit. You elevate it up with the levers on the aspect. take away the cartridges from the packaging and confirm you place the proper colour in the proper place. the colour is labeled at the lowest of the cartridge. take away the (orange) sticker from the cartridge and gently push the cartridge into the holder till you hear a click. shut the lid once you have placed all the cartridges.

Note: most printers associate with cartridges for setup. These cartridges contain less ink, and they are necessary for setup.

Step 2. select an association technique (you may also do that later)

Go to the LAN icon on your printer and to Settings. choose the Wireless Installation Wizard and follow the directions on the screen. It will take up to a moment to attach your printer. you’ll be able to additionally favor to connect the printer to LAN later within the setup via the downloaded software system.

Your printer will print a brief manual on connecting to a wireless association if it does not work when this step. To do this, press the LAN icon and so Settings. choose start with printing. The printer can print a brief manual on the way to connect the printer step by step.

Step 3. transfer the software system on your portable computer or laptop

You’ve connected your printer. Now, we’ll make sure that your pc will manage the printer. We’ll install the EasyStart software system from H.P. on your portable computer or laptop. Go to ‘’ in your browser and enter the merchandise name of your printer, like ‘ENVY 6234’. transfer the H.P. good app or transfer the fundamental desktop software system.

Step 4: open H.P. simple begin

Open the H.P. EasyStart file you have simply transferred from your download folder. If you’ve got a printer that’s compatible with H.P. Instant Ink, the program can raise you if you would like to use your time period. Enter your personal details to use one. don’t need an effort amount or does one have already got a second Ink subscription? Proceed to the subsequent step.

Step 5: Install the software system

EasyStart can then raise you which of the software system you would like to put in. select the choice ‘Full software system and drivers’ if you would like further software system to resolve issues additionally to the fundamental driver. select ‘Basic drivers’ if you merely wish for the motive force.

Step 6: Installation

Your driver square measure is currently put in on your pc. this may take a jiffy, thus be at liberty to grab a cup of occasional and place your feet on the table. If you haven’t connected the printer to LAN, then hunt your LAN code or grab a network cable. when this step, the pc can connect with your printer.

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