How do I connect my Brother DCP-L2541DW printer to my Phone?

With the development in technology, we’ve got now entered a Wi-Fi age. All those digital devices that required miles of wire once upon a time have to turn out to be obsolete. This is the time of wireless digital devices. One of the freshest wireless devices these days is printers. Wireless connection in printers is common nowadays, but people are looking for mobile solutions for it. 

Offices and houses with numerous workstations or PCs can be an advantage from a Wi-Fi router for their printer, which simplifies printer configuration as properly as network printing. Instead of buying a separate printer for every laptop in the community, customers must remember one shared community, a high-overall performance printer. Wireless routers for printers are high-quality devices for effectively printing, even reducing associated expenses and hardware issues.

Set up a Brother DCP-L2541DW printer machine and your mobile device on a wireless network:

You can use a Wi-Fi router or get access to the point to attach your Brother printer to your mobile device. Connect your Brother DCP-L2541DW printer to your mobile device without the usage of a Wi-Fi router.

You can set up a Wi-Fi community connection between your device and mobile without using a Wi-Fi router or getting access to a factor. Follow the process for installation of a Brother printer on a wireless community without a Wi-Fi router.

Set up your Brother DCP-L2541DW printer

1. Press Menu or Settings.

2. Select the Up or tap down arrow key to choose the following:

a. Select Network. Press OK.

b. Select Wi-Fi Direct. Press OK.

c. Select Group Owner. Press OK.

d. Select On. Press OK.

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